EPS Forms
 IATSE Local 635 - EPS Forms and Payroll Reports

EPS Employment Forms for work beginning on or after January 1, 2015 are available from the EPS web site link below

  EPS Employment Forms for IATSE Local 635

If you have any questions about the EPS Employment forms please contact:

EPS Paymaster

P.O. Box 953

Clemmons, NC 27012-0953

Office: (336) 766-9618

FAX: (336) 766-9102

Contact the EPS Paymaster

Visit the Entertainment Payroll Services website to download printable copies of all the necessary employment forms and information documents.

  EPS Employment Forms for IATSE Local 635

  Visit the EPS web page above to download all of the following documents:

New Employee Informational Sheet
EPS Direct Deposit Form
Personnel Information Form
EPS Employment Agreement
Federal Employment Eligibility (I-9) Form
Federal Income Tax Withholding (W4) Form
North Carolina State Income Tax Withholding (NC-4) Form
Local 635 Terms of Part-Time Hire
EPS Injury and Accident Policy
EPS Drug Free Workplace Policy

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