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IATSE Local 635 Election 2014 - **Update**

Meet the New Executive Board
By Padraig ÓCeallaigh

It was well known that longtime President Paul Valoris, Secretary-Tresurer Henry Grillo and Business Rep. Patrick O'Kelly would neither be seeking nor accepting the nomination to their respective offices for the coming election. The votes for the balloted nominees have been tallied and the results of Election 2014 are in.

**Update** Newly elected President Marc Zuckerman and his growing family decided to relocate to Belgium in September so the office of President reopened and a new election for the office was held in November. Currently serving Vice-President Brother Gabe Tyrrell took the office by 1 vote (He ran unopposed : )

**Update-Update** Brother Alan Pickelsimer was nominated to the opened Vice-President position, ran unopposed and was sworn in to assume the office at the February General Membership Meeting. We are all very grateful and honored that Brother Pickelsimer stepped forward and know, as always, he will handily carry out the duties of this important office and serve with distinction.

We all thank Brother Zuckerman for his service to the Local and wish his family well in their new lives abroad.

Below is the listing of the new Executive Board and other elected officials sworn in and on January 5, 2015 and the followup election of November.


  • Gabe Tyrrell


  • Alan Pickelsimer


  • Jessica Holcombe


  • Liz May

Business Representative

  • Zachary Stevenson


  • Norris Baldwin

Board of Trustees

  • Dennis Booth
  • John Horsman

Board of Examiners

  • Eddie Blue
  • Ed Thomas

Congratulations and thanks to the newly elected officers and board members for their successful assention to office and their willingness to serve.
We owe a great debt of gratitude and eternal thanks to the preceeding officers and board members for their selfless service that combined spans well over a half century.

We are lucky to have them all.

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As seen above, a limelight spotlight used in London in 1860. Limelight was used in the first theatrical spotlights. The Scottish engineer Thomas Drummond invented the limelight in 1816. He used a core of limestoneMabor Indestructable Limes
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(calcium) that was heated to incandescence by a burning mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. The incandescent limestone provided very brilliant light that could be directed and focused. The limelight was first employed in the theatre in 1855 and became widely used by the 1860s. Its intensity made it useful for spotlighting and for the realistic simulation of effects such as sunlight and moonlight. It could also be used for general stage illumination. The limelight required constant attention of an individual operator, who had to keep adjusting the block of limestone as it burned and to tend to the gas that fuelled it.
Blowthrough Limelight Burners
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